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Job Club Hub

Used by Australian Jobseekers since 2010

One Web Site for all your Job Searching Resources

Job Search and Report Your Activity 24/7

Over 900 links to sites and services to overcome barriers and find employment

Job Club Hub

   Allows Job Seekers to:

• Control Job Searching    Activities
• Complete case notes and    submit to providers
• Access to email accounts to send and receive all job searching    emails
• Book extra appointments
• Create Resumes
• Create Cover Letters
• Do online courses through eLearning sites
• Job Search by Industry or Specific Companies
• Watch videos about Interview Skills by Industry Experts
• Watch Practical Videos
• Links to many Community Services
• Links to Local Newspapers
• Access to major job search sites.


Job Club Hub does not store any personal information.

The information used to register a username and password is recorded on a secure server, and deleted once the account is set up.

When a jobseeker gains employment or leaves provider, the Username and Password are deleted.

Logging In and Logging Out

For statistical purposes, Job Club Hub records the
• Username,
• Time of user Log In,
• Job Club Hub pages viewed and Time of user Log Out.

This information can be used, if a job seeker and provider agree and request in writing a report from the administrator of this version of Job Club Hub as proof a Job Seeker is meeting Job Searching Requirements.

The Service Provider

  Online Job Searching, Employment Barrier Management, E-Learning, Resource Tool has been developed since 2010 with direct contact to end users (Australian Jobseekers) to ensure that information read is current, relevant and appropriate. The Software has Automated Services Delivery, Reporting, and Productivity Performance capabilities for Job Services Australia/Disability Employment Service providers.

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